Antiterrorism 2018-11-09T12:33:14+01:00

It is the Guardian module that, through facial recognition, looks for people inside a large watchlist.

The system can be used in case of events or events where a large number of people are concentrated in one place.

In a circumscribed and limited area, for example an access gate, the module is able to identify a suspect person framed by one or more cameras installed in the area starting from a “non-collaborative” photographic archive

The analysis and verification of the face provide a degree of reliability of the comparison with the photographic archive. an alert appears on the GUARDIAN platform for recognition of suspicious persons.

Through the GUARDIAN platform and with the help of the CCTV module, it will be possible to frame in real time the area where the person has been identified.

The module also allows the search for a person’s identity starting from a non-contextual face within the photographic archive made available. In this case it is the operator who requests a face to search for the Guardian Antiterrorism Module.

The form will be made available in the first quarter of 2019.