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GUARDIAN is the first PSIM that natively integrates all the features of the IoT, with management of communication platforms such as Lora, Sigfox, Narrow Band, BLE.

With a very low number of antennas is possible to have a total coverage in real time.

The usage of a LoRa as a transmission method (long-range- low-power transmission method) allows to use battery-powered sensors with an average life of more than 2 years (up to 5). The lack of wires allows to build complex data collection architectures.

The families of interfaceable sensors available on the market reveal infinite scenarios of application. Some examples can be:

  • Smart parking
    Monitoring of free parking spaces and availability
  • Structural health
    Monitoring of vibrations and state of materials of buildings
  • Maps of noise
    Monitoring of noise pollution
  • Smartphone detection
    Detection, refinement, number of mobile devices in defined areas, through correction of problems of WiFi or Bluetooth connection.
  • Electromagnetic levels
    Levels of electromagnetic pollution
  • Smart lighting
    Intelligent lighting management for energy efficiency
  • Waste management
    Automatic detection of waste filling levels for the emptying examination
  • Air pollution
    Control of CO2 and toxic gas emissions
  • Snow monitoring
    Control of snow-making levels to optimize the intervention of cleaning means
  • Early detection of earthquakes
    Earthquake monitoring
  • Monitoring of drinking water
    Monitoring of the chemical quality of water
  • Monitoring of water leaks
    Detection of presence of liquids outside accumulation points and pipes
  • Liquid level monitoring
    Control of water, gas, gas levels in tanks and storage area
  • photovoltaics
    Monitoring of photovoltaic installations parameters
  • Water flows
    Monitoring of water flows for calculation of consumption and identification of losses
  • Radiation level monitoring
    Distributed measurement of the level of radioactivity in installations or areas at nuclear risk
  • Monitoring of explosive gases
    Detection of gas levels and presence in industrial areas, chemical industries, minereines.
  • Air quality monitoring
    Indoor monitoring of the presence of toxic gases and oxygen levels
  • Temperature monitoring
    Temperature monitoring in closed rooms and cold chains
  • Monitoring ozone levels
    Monitoring of ozone levels in indoor and outdoor areas
  • Vehicle diagnostics
    Diagnostic monitoring of vehicular vehicles of OSD Can-bus interface