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THERMOCAMs to detect the body temperature

GUARDIAN Thermocam is the safety system dedicated to measuring the body temperature of one or more people and highlights any feverish states. We can integrate the most suitable thermocams for your needs to our management software: we can centralize the data collected in real time even from multiple locations throughout the territory. We implement the best response to the occurrence of an unexpected event, in accordance with your requests, those of the government and internal trade unions of your organization.


VIDEO-ANALYSIS to recognize and report the presence or absence of

  • masks or other PPE,
  • gatherings of people
  • correct social distancing

Guardian Videoanalytics is the software that does not require any supervision on your part, but warns you if there are people in an off-limits area, too many people in a recreational area, an office, a meeting room, it allows you to know if they are wearing a mask or other mandatory PPE and if they interact with each other respecting the expected social distancing.